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Technology solutions to assist organizations & societies to flourish

SAMBHAVI IT SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED is a company established with an objective of providing digital solutions to business entities globally.

Our VISION is to combine a deep understanding of the digitization megatrend with our functional expertise and to help our clients identify and build the digital capabilities they need to win, so that they make digitization work for them in a bigger way.

The organization is efficiently supported by a dedicated core team combining professionals from IT & Operations, with relative experience in each field. The Company offers 24 x 7 support to all of our service deliveries and client requirements.

The Management Team

Mr. R D Dhanasekar, Technical Director, has a unique experience in Information Technology. He has headed numerous projects in MNCs for nearly 2 decades and had a vast experience in implementing enterprise level applications. The technology division is being managed and headed by him in the organisation.

Mr. A Sivasubramanian, Director, has a mammoth experience in Marketing, Sales and Operations for nearly 3 decades, having worked in different industries in various capacities.

The product development is headed by Mr. R D Umapathy, who has a versatile experience in areas like Financial Systems, Database Management, Reporting Services, Cloud Technology & End-to-End Automation. He has served in various capacities spanning over a period of 16 years. He has a rich experience in managing multiple projects in MNCs.

The Mobile Application development is headed by Mr. A Ramesh, who has a stunning experience in Cloud Technology & End-to-End Automation. Prior to joining Sambahvi, he was heading various overseas projects in MNCs. He has a combined experience of 11 years and has a rich experience in managing multiple projects in MNCs.

The Mission

Satisfying Services

To support our customers in assessing the impact of the digitization trends on their end-to-end value chains, determining how their strategies need to grow in light of the digital ecosystem and identifying the capabilities they need in order to outperform competitors.

High Quality

Adapt innovative digital customer experiences with our knowledge of emerging technologies and market strategy. The design of these capabilities is unique to each company and contributes to differentiating it in the marketplace.

Low Cost

We finally help our clients to build those digital capabilities by working alongside them on the key processes, systems and tools, knowledge, skills, and behaviors. We enable them to gain and sustain essential advantage in an increasingly digitized world at a considerably low cost.

The Quality Policy

We recognize quality as a critical parameter and are committed to Total Customer Satisfaction. Our aim is to ensure that we provide our client with quality service on time, every time, achieve, sustain and improve customer satisfaction.

With active participation and involvement of all members of the company quality management has been a continous process through teamwork, fostering best practices & innovation.”

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