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To survive the emerging technological revolution in the financial market, an application to support UPI ( Unified Payment Interface) related payments has been developed by Sambhavi for merchants' use.

The use case of DIGIPAY:

  • Merchant will generate QR code dynamically and the customer will scan and pay.

  • Merchant will raise Collect Money Request (with customer VPA) and the customer will approve & pay.

  • Secure and safe

  • Same day settlement to Merchants' bank accounts

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    DIGIPAY is a plug and play integrations for all your business needs.

Workflow Management System

The WORKSYS App can be extensively applied for all segments of businesses and furnished below are certain use cases of the Application:-

  • FMCG segment: For monitoring the Stock movement/ascertain stock position/immediate dispatch of stocks to retailers where there is a shortage of stocks.

  • Windmill: To enable the Field Staff to record the meter reading and updating online / Also to monitor the movement of staff in fields. This eliminates manual exchange of reading count through SMS.

  • Customer EKYC: For monitoring the movement of Field staff to the exact location/taking photo of customer premises and other areas/updating doc collected status etc.,

  • Logistics: Customer can log in and enter the parcel details/ agency visit time, parcel pickup time/parcel movement / tracking the parcel till delivery/vehicle movement and vehicle status etc., can be monitored.

  • Contract Labour Deployment: Employee attendance bases on biometric device entry /in time / out time and location movement can be confirmed accurately.

  • Personal Loan disbursement and collections: Customer verification/ Field staff movement/doc collected status/Processing fee collected status/customer confirmation through the biometric device- all of these are possible

  • Cash collection agency: Task can be assigned to any field staff with specific task / online collection status/rescheduling visit-etc.,

  • Hospitality Industry: Guests can make use of the mobile app for room service/booking. Floor Manager can assign a task to respective staff/ upkeep and maintenance team can assign a task to respective teams and the functions can be monitored online

  • Hotel Industry: The delivery of food ordered online/ movement of delivery boy / digital signage with offer and Day’s special message can be displayed / customer interface can be provided to lure them

  • Schools/Colleges: Principal can assign a task to teachers / Professors for recording students' performance/attendance of students with a biometric link and SMS alert to parents/students’ bus movement and alert to parents/academic-performance/ cultural events /sports events-all can be assigned and monitored

  • Event Management Company: Very much suitable for event managers. The various task categories can be assigned to each individuals specifying assignment of a particular task to be carried out / status of each task on a real-time basis can be monitored and effectively achieved

  • ATM Service agencies: The down of ATM machine will immediately be alerted to the manager assigned and he can further assign the task to others depending upon the nature of defect/service/ With WIFI enabled, the ACs can be switched off during downtime to save electricity

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Source your Contract Employees in a simpler and hassle free way

Salient Features of EOS

  • Contract employees can download EOS App from Google play store/iTunes and Self-Register.

  • Employers can push Requirement in Employee offer App as and when they require their services.

    The contract Employee will get an alert and can respond to Empoloyers’ message.

  • Based on the response Employers can shortlist and confirm request.

  • Contract Employees will get an alert and can choose to report duty on the specified date.

  • Use EOS App and reap the benefits.

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Survey tool to capture the voices and opinions of the people who matter most to you.

Salient Features of SURVEYREEF

  • Option to configure multiple survey modules with date range​.

  • Option to create category wise question bank.

  • Option to map input type/control for each question (like free form, radio box, check box, drop down, rating, single/muli-select, etc.,)​.

  • Option for question branch based on user input​​.

  • Option for admin/supervisor to verify and publish​.

  • Option for admin/supervisor to suspend existing published one​.

  • Analytics/Reports.

  • Multisite​.

  • Web app for Admin and Client.

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