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Web & Mobile Application Development

Leverage Flexible Solutions With Our Custom-Built Applications. Sambhavi provides customizable applications to meet the complex and unique business requirements. We build applications that are specially tailored to assist you in addressing the evolving technology challenges. We leverage the latest technologies for web application development, mobile app development, and web services, etc.

We also help our clients get four-dimensional customer view by delivering advanced IT solutions with the latest technology. Our company offers integrated web, mobile app development, web services, and self-servicing kiosk to clients. We focus on the use of high-end technologies in conjunction with innovation to build a reliable and a cost-effective solution.

Sambhavi develops the best mobile application, loaded with user-friendly features, to advance your business with the latest niche technology at an optimum cost. We build the mobile and tablet applications keeping in pace with finding the future-proof technology & app trend by involving all significant aspects.

Our core IT team is proficient with Microsoft .Net Technologies, Java, Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, Angular, Javascript, ionic. We provide mobile app development solutions for different industry verticals such as gaming, social media, healthcare, sports, travel, lifestyle, utility, entertainment, education, logistics, microfinance, retailers, and many more.

Our Approach On mobile app development

Native Android/IOS app development
Native apps are specific to the platform utilizing the development tools and language that the platform supports. For instance: Android Studio, Java, XStudio and Google Material. Native apps look and perform the best due to sufficient access to the device’s hardware and OS-specific features.

Hybrid Android/IOS app development
Hybrid apps are developed utilizing the standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, React Native and Ionic. The final code is wrapped in a native container and shipped as a regular app. A hybrid approach is usually called “Write Once Run Anywhere” as the same code can serve various platforms along with Android/IOS.

Our innovative IT services offer a guided approach to digital transformation and result in a proof of concept running on the cloud platform. We use a design thinking process to help identify and test your digital business model with minimal up-front investment and risk; leverage new technologies – such as Internet of Things (IoT), web development, mobile app development, web services, and self-servicing kiosk to resolve use cases; and quickly transit to production on a cloud platform that’s fit for the future. These pre-integrated cloud solutions are the fastest and easiest way to drive incremental innovation in key industry-specific business areas.

We offer bespoke IT consulting services to enhance your business. Sambhavi provides comprehensive Business/IT Consulting and Managing Services. We are developing innovative and effective solutions to address the evolving requirements of our customers. Our consultants define, design and execute strategies that accelerate your business growth, reduce costs and build new revenue streams. We take a best-in-class approach, working with you to determine your business vision & goals, IT environment, skill requirements, and policies. Additionally, we develop short and long-term strategies based on best practices to achieve measurable results.

Develop multi-dimensional Software Architecture by leveraging a scientifically driven model to meet client’s expectations.

Our specialists work in collaboration with your technical team to identify and understand your current infrastructure, and to know the data and tooling requirements of your new technical capabilities. Besides, we work with your leadership team to understand the future directions that your data platform should support. In addition, we guarantee that the final architectural plan delivers instantly on your business goals. The outcome of the Architecture Advisory project is a technical plan, which makes technology and implementation support across the spectrum of our data platform reference architecture.

We work closely with your stakeholders to design a platform for your data, interfaces, and applications while developing your capabilities. Although, we always make the right choices for your requirements.

Identify requisite and future technical capabilities.
Make suitable technology selections.
Present a plan for a technical architecture.
Distinguish the fit with the current architecture.

The architecture advisory investments reward themselves by presenting reliability, scalability, and agility. Being a well-versed IT firm, we are focused on your business goals and design so that you can immediately obtain benefit from your investment.

Our logistics tracking and monitoring system have a hoard of benefits including a seamless operation and access to customers. We are providing smart mobile applications for supply chain management to help customers get the best and proven solution for their logistics management process. Our STS(Service Tracking System) utilizes radio frequency identification and GPS technologies with real-time data transfer ability. It is one of the industry’s best app and we ensure that it will provide higher ROI & smoother operation.

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